Saturday, 23 August 2014

Vintage sewing pattern decor - Sewing Lifestyle Inspiration

Sources of inspiration: (top left to bottom right) Tags (emerald+ella); Napkin flowers (At the butterfly ball); lampshade cover (Pattum); Wallpaper; wrapping paper (Sew Love Tea Do); framed prints (A spoonful of Sugar). Images are those of authors, follow links for more information.

This week our sewing lifestyle inspiration comes from vintage sewing patterns. 

Sometimes vintage sewing patterns that you find in charity shops or job lots from Ebay are damaged, the wrong size or simply so beautiful that you want to have them on display! 

I've selected plenty of inspirational craft projects to use your vintage sewing patterns for, see more on my dedicated Pinterest board. The paper that sewing patterns are made of makes them ideal for decoupage projects, such as paper tags or anything else you want to cover in sewing patterns. If you don't fancy glueing, then why not just use the instruction sheets as wrapping paper?

Sewing patterns also make lovely tissue paper flowers (follow the link above for tutorial). These can be used for napkin holders, attached to hair clips and wrist bands or decorate wedding tables.

For a sleek modern look, use your favourite pattern to create a lampshade. You can buy lampshade kits from craft shops, which contain all the parts you need. A great update for a tired old lampshade! If you are decorating and are lucky enough to have a sewing room, why not collate a group of your favourite pattern covers and use them as wallpaper for a feature wall. If you haven't got quite enough space for a feature wall, why not frame your favourite individual covers and display them as a wall collection.

What projects have you made using vintage sewing patterns?

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