Monday, 21 July 2014

Cotton Reel and Spool Art: Sewing lifestyle inspiration

Sources of inspiration: (top left to bottom right) Thread Love; Cotton Reel Holder; Lamp; Spool hooks; Reel decorations; Reel wreath.   

I am often inspired by images for my sewing, whether style for dressmaking or art for interiors. I want to share with you some images that I find inspiring, whether this is for craft projects, functional pieces for interiors or creating art using sewing materials.

I thought i'd start off with one of my favourite items of haberdashery, wooden cotton reels. I've been collecting these for years and am lucky enough to have my Granny's collection too. I love the range of colours and names, from the bizarre to the exotic! How about Reseda (a plant), Kingfisher, Elephant, Mallard Green, Service Khaki, Scarlet Glow, Biscuit, Cyclamen, Light Seal Brown, Parma Violet, Bracken, Fawn, Flesh, Shrimp, Autumn Rust, Sugar Cane and by far the best Frivolous Pink!  There are also a few names that certainly aren't politically correct anymore, so I won't be mentioning those here!

If you could have your favourite colour made into a cotton, what would you name it?

The first image of cottons reels in a heart shape is truly 'lovely', what a great way to preserve your wooden reels once they only have a small amount of thread left. A perfect focus piece for a sewing room! Or perhaps a more modern take, colour co-ordinating pencils to hold plastic reels from Apartment Therapy. If you are able to get hold of large reels then putting them around the base of a lampshade or using them to hang scarves or jewellery is a very practical use. And if that doesn't tempt you then what about some decorations, either individual or a centre piece (I can see Christmas versions of these happening later in the year!) Check our lots more ideas on my dedicated Pinterest board.

To display my most treasured wooden Sylko reels I have them in jewellery boxes (Stackers, from John Lewis) along the back of my sewing desk in colour scales. I can gaze at them longingly while I procraftinate ... 

Have you used cotton reels for a craft or art project?

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