Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Mortmain dress by Gather

This week, despite extensive renovations going on in my flat, i've managed to sew The Mortmain dress by Gather (mostly sat on my bed with my sewing machine on my bedside table!). I chose version 2 with the elbow length sleeves.

This is one of the nicest patterns i've tried recently, both the layout of the pattern and the detailed instruction booklet that comes with this dress. It has clearly been well thought through and although it might be a little tricky in parts for an 'ambitious beginner', the diagrams are clear and their is plenty of text to accompany them. This is not forgetting the lovely artwork!

I started off by tracing out a size 12. I chose to use a new fabric that I had spotted last time I was at the Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead. Although i'm not sure if they have any of the exact fabric I used left, they do still have a similar version on their website (Henley Studio - Nautical collection).

First of all the darts were sewn into the bodice and the bodice pieces sewn together.

Next the skirt pieces were attached and the pleats tacked in place.

Next the bodice, waistband and skirt pieces were attached (I must admit at this point, making the effort to pattern match would have looked great!).

Then the neck facing pieces were sewn together and attached to the neckline and staystitched in place. Make sure to clip plenty of times into the neckline to get a good finish.

The sleeves do require a bit more concentration to get a nice stitching finish. I chose to use up some embroidery thread for the button loop but i'm sure ribbons would also have looked good.

The length of the button loop is a good opportunity to try the sleeves on, which have a close fit and determine where you should position your button and how long your loop should be.

Here is the inside of the sleeve, showing the sleeve slit piece folded over to tidy the edges.

And then for the exposed zip, i've not really used these much before but I really like the white stripe it gives this dress...

... and the neat finish on the inside too.

To finish I only took the hem up by 2 cm in total for a double hem finish as I didn't want to lose much more of the length.

It's a lovely pattern to work with and I really enjoyed making the dress. I will be sure to take it with me to Cornwall this year on holiday!


  1. really lovely! and your shoes are so cute!

  2. Looks fab. Your pleats look very neat!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love those shoes, got them as new from a charity shop, a great find.

    I do love a good pleat Charlotte, and will redo them if they don't match!