Thursday, 1 May 2014

Selfish Sewing Week, the Out and About dress by SewCaroline

After having a couple of weeks where I haven't had a chance to blog (lots of other projects going on that I can't write about just yet!), I thought the perfect way to get back into it was with Selfish Sewing Week, organised by Rachael Gander (a.k.a Imagine Gnats). Lots of sewing bloggers are taking part and you can find a full list at the end of this post. There are also some pattern giveaways as part of Selfish Sewing Week. I decided to make the Out and About Dress by SewCaroline, an ideal dress for being literally being 'out and about' anywhere!

This pattern is suitable for knit fabrics. I chose to do the knee length dress with elbow length sleeves.

I chose a multicoloured knit fabric from my local haberdashery shop.

The first thing I sewed together were the pockets onto the skirt pieces.

Then I did a gather stitch across the top of the front and back skirt pieces before gathering the fabric until it matched the width of the bodice front and back pieces. I then sewed the front bodice and skirt pieces together and did the same for the back pieces. 

I then attached the sleeves into the arm holes before sewing together both sides of the dress from the end of the sleeve to the hem.

I decided to just machine sew the sleeves at the elbow using a double hem.

I then added the neckband piece, by first stitching right sides together and then hand stitching the folded over neckband piece in place.

 Finally, I did a double hem, so that the skirt finished just above my knee.

The instructions for this dress are easy to follow and as long as you are happy sewing with knits (or to give it a try!), the result is a very easy to wear dress. I think if I made it again though, I would slightly alter the shape of the neckline. I prefer a rounder neckline whereas using this pattern as it is, it gives more of an oval neckline.

I hope to get some better photos of this dress but the weather was so awful today I had to take them inside!

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  1. Looks great, Rachel! I hear that dress is do comfortable. :)